ADHD Awareness is Key
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Super Mom’s Super Powers

My name is Sara. I was diagnosed in 2022 with ADHD at 46 years old after complaining to my therapist that my partner was complaining all the time about my interrupting him and not listening or remembering what he was saying.

I was given a short “you may be ADHD” test and referred out to get tested and diagnosed. What I learned is that I have a disability that I’ve lived with my entire life and even been very successful because of it and the presence of another neurodiversity diagnosis.

The short story is that I experienced validation and explanations and was able to stop blaming myself for not being able to “learn” how to properly communicate with other despite literally having communication on my development plan and working on it for nearly 24 years. I finally was able to learn how to stop apologizing and start explaining how my brain worked. I also learned how to use little brain “hacks” to make listening and retention so much better. Diagnosis is key!