ADHD Awareness is Key
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Do not stare

A lot of people do not understand what ADHD is. My son has ADHD. He was diagnosed at 5 years old. We had many moments of melt downs in stores. Many sleepless nights full of tears. We would get stared at. Many people would glare at me judging. I had been told many times why don’t you discipline your child better. People do not understand the struggle people with adhd go through. It’s a daily struggle. They can get overwhelmed and over stimulated easily. It’s not a lack of discipline. It’s a neurological disorder. They cannot control it. My heart broke when my son said I just want to be a “good” kid. I reassure him daily that he is not only a good kid but an amazing kid. I would love to raise awareness so people would understand more instead of judge. That way no child feel like they are not a “good” kid.


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