ADHD Awareness is Key
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A child heard but not seen

I’m Lucien and I work at a global software company.

At my school teachers deemed my grades acceptable, along with my acceptance to a top 20 University to study chemistry; I wasn’t SEEN as a student with ADHD as it was associated with ‘naughty’ or ‘hyperactive’ students only.
Instead I was labelled as lazy, disorganised and unfocused by teachers & my parents ; they HEARD my complaints but did not SEE that I was struggling on a daily basis

When I began to work I couldn’t leave things last minute and simply memorising for exams.

I couldn’t hold a job longer for a few months which made me fall into depression. This year I was diagnosed with ADHD-PI and had my parents take part in the diagnosis. Elvanse let me to operate at 100% of my potential, excel in my new career and my parents finally SEEING how much of a negative impact of being undiagnosed so long had on my life instead of being told to stop making excuses. I believe raising awareness on all forms of ADHD so we can be SEEN & HEARD.

Lucien Sorce