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I’m not guilty, it’s my unique ADHD

I was too impulsive as a kid. Breaking my bones, making bad jokes, damaging things. Once I attempted suicide.
Things didn’t change much in adulthood. Driving aggressively, buying stuff without thinking. I’ve never kept my room straight. I’ve changed three universities. Regardless, emotional dysregulation was the worst thing in my life. That anger was making me someone I hated myself. Bad words were going out of my mouth, but I could barely hear my thoughts. When I was 24, I was cheated by the man I love, lost my friends. I wanted nothing but death! My family’s help changed my life! By trying hard I became the best cyclist at one point.

I was diagnosed at 26. Meds are life-changing but the biggest part is love! If you have people who love you, it will help more than medicines. Now I’ve been a successful cyclist in the national team and a meditator for two years, and I’m about to go to Europe for a master’s in Neuroscience. Our brains are slightly different, we can use this difference as an advantage. ūüôā

Kubra Bektas

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