ADHD Awareness is Key
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child in car with feet on roof

Meet Sarah. She is smart, funny, strong willed, and loving beyond measure. She fills my life with the unexpected but equally fills it with the most genuine love I’ve ever known. Sarah is in Kindergarten and is learning to read. She has learned to write the word “love” and often colors pictures for me and signs them with a simple word of “love” without her name. This melts my heart.

Sarah is perceptive and emotionally charged. She struggles to regulate the happy and sad emotions and all those in between. As a parent, I’ve learned to avoid criticism and focus on positive encouragement. She also needs more physical touch than my other children seem to desire. Therefore, I support her with huge bear hugs that last for what seems like hours. With a mindful approach to her needs she is more calm, relaxed, and emotionally stabilized. I believe the key to parenting a child with an ADHD diagnosis is realizing different isn’t a bad word and each child is capable of amazing things!


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