ADHD Awareness is Key
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People often assume my ADHD hasn’t really affected me…

Because I have excelled academically and have never gotten in serious trouble in school, people often assume my ADHD hasn’t really affected me. What people don’t realize is the toll that ADHD has taken on my social life and friendships. Sometimes, it feels like everyone else is speaking a different language. I approach problems and situations in ways no one else does, which can be really frustrating. I beat up on myself all the time about my lack of productivity, or for my impulsiveness getting me into awkward situations. My medication gives me more control over my head and my actions, and allows me to slow down and think more. But in some ways what helps me the most is having people in my life who love my quirkiness, and point out how some of my ADHD symptoms can actually be strengths.

– Anonymous

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