ADHD Awareness is Key
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Providing Perspective Through My ADHD Story

A Podcast with Mallory Band, MSEd Transcription Hello and welcome to the podcast series, “Moving Forward With ADHD” for 2023 ADHD Awareness Month. We are Karen Sampson Hoffman from CHADD and Roxanne Fouché of the ADHD Coaches Organization. We are thrilled to invite you on a journey of understanding, insight, and empowerment during ADHD Awareness … Read more

What are the most common co-occurring diagnoses/conditions in adults?

Having a second condition, or a co-occurring disorder, with ADHD is very common.

Dr. Thomas E. Brown shares how common this is and why it’s necessary to address both ADHD and the co-occurring condition to help the person begin to experience relief. Knowing what co-occurring conditions a person may have helps the clinician to form a more effective treatment plan.

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Diagnostic Silos

Treating more than one disorder at a time I think that there’s a tendency in medicine sometimes to think in diagnostic silos, that you say, “Okay this person has depression, this person has anxiety, this person has substance use disorders, this person has ADHD,” and then everything that you consider about treatment and intervention – … Read more