ADHD Awareness is Key
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Teachers brushed off my concerns…

Throughout middle school, I had several conferences with teachers regarding my daughter’s inability to complete work and homework. Teachers brushed off my concerns. My daughter was always placed in a desk at the front of the class because she would talk to others, but still teachers did not see this as a problem. In high school, grades plummeted, homework was not done, I requested testing, and still my concerns were brushed off. I read every book my small library had on school success, and it lead me to think she had ADHD. My pediatrician confirmed this. The semester my daughter started on medication she received all A’s for the first time ever, and stated, “this medication is like a miracle to me.” Her self-esteem has sky-rocketed and she thinks it’s OK to have ADHD. There are a lot worse things to get. Unlike some other medical conditions, this one can be helped.

– Mom of ADHD High School student

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