ADHD Awareness is Key
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The Revelation of A Lateral Mind

Kalaki Clarke, MD

The positive difference in my life after receiving a late diagnosis of ADHD at age 35 as a Family Physician has been incredible. Primarily, I have had increased level of self-awareness and self-acceptance. Being able to understand the cause of many of my behavior patterns (time management, task initiation and organization struggles) has helped me to obtain solutions and increase my level of self compassion.

I have also been able to advocate for myself, my peers and my daughter. Knowing my diagnosis has also increased my capacity to request and receive accommodations in past and present work settings. This has afforded me to level the playing field and maximize my potential.

Above all, awareness of my diagnosis of ADHD has augmented my empathy. I not only able to help patients based on a textbook knowledge, but my relatabililty of living with a chronic, invisible disability has fueled both my passion and my purpose in my calling. All thanks to the revelation of my lateral mind.

Kalaki Clarke, MD

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