ADHD Awareness is Key
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Why is your phone in the linen closet?

Oh, THAT’S why I’m hungry!

I put my lunch in the microwave, and thought I should do something while it heats.
I went to put washing in the machine, but there was already stuff in there.
I went to hang the washing up but there were sheets on the line. Oops! I think they’d been there since the weekend…
I brought the sheets inside, and went back out to hang up the washing.
From the line I saw the neighbour on the street, so I went to say hello.
Lunch break had gone on long enough, so I returned inside.
I saw the clean sheets in the basket, so I put them away. I guess I put my phone down in the cupboard so my hands were free.
Then I REALLY needed to get back to my desk.

I never ate my lunch! It’s still in the microwave!
It’s 8pm and those clothes are still on the line, they’re probably wet with dew now!