ADHD Awareness is Key
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Words just came out of my mouth before they went through my head…

For years I was fidgety in class, often unfocused, but I got the work done and I had good grades throughout school so nobody ever said anything. I finally asked for help when I was getting in trouble for doing or saying things that I knew were wrong. They just came out of my mouth before they went through my head. It was always something inappropriately timed or said in the wrong way. One of my teachers worked closely with my guidance counselor and me to figure out the problem and, eventually, we came to the possibility of ADHD. Since my diagnosis I have been much more focused in school and at home, getting in much less trouble, and overall I’m very happy that I was diagnosed before I finished high school, because trying to figure out college this year without knowing why I struggle with certain things would be less than successful for sure.

– Anonymous

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