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53 years ADHD

In kindergarten I was playing with blocks while the rest of the class was paying attention.
Did 4th grade elementary school twice so my parents sent me to orthopedagogics Professor Bladergroen to be evaluated.
I was diagnosed with ADHD in the seventies when I was 10. During the evaluation I learned to play with Lego. I did not had the focus to build according the build plan so I used my creativity to build something of my own. My parents were advised to stimulate the creativity in easy steps so I would not get frustrated. I remember having a pile of lego and lots of build samples but never made them exactly as it should have been. I had a knack for technical stuff so I went to technical school. Now 40+ years later I am a mechanical design engineer in a prototype department using advanced 3D software designing cool machines. I love being special ūüôā

LT Tan

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