ADHD Awareness is Key
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Jill, mum of 4, nurse, diagnosed ADHD age 35

Jill, mum of 4. diagnosed 3 months ago age 35. Absolutely life changing.

I spent 35 years winging it at life, disorganized, unsettled, house full of unfinished projects, money wasted on courses and ideas I couldn’t finish, changing jobs every 2 years (max), avoiding social situations, brain full of bees, masking pretty much every aspect of life. I spent my teenage years misdiagnosed anxiety/depression, almost failed school and university due to lack of interest and inability to focus.

Diagnosis and medication is unbelievable – my mind is quiet! I can find my words to articulate my thoughts without being a rambling mess! I can start a task and actually finish it. I am kicking goals at work. I am genuinely enjoying socializing without the nerves and fear. Growing in confidence in my abilities each day and working through the new me.
Who even knew this was the norm for neurotypical brains!

I owe all of this to my 6year old son. His extreme hyperactivity in ADHD started my research

Jill Byatt

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