ADHD Awareness is Key
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ADHD Has Amazing Gifts 🤪

If you have ADHD then you will want to understand this.

You are special in your own way. Don’t listen to others about what they say about ADHD. Your diagnosis brings gifts.

If you are inattentive, (like me) then you have an amazing quality of thinking out of the box and being really creative! I daydream a lot of the time in class, but that does not bring me down when the teacher says PAY ATTENTION.

If you are hyperactive, then you have a lot of energy. This energy can lead you to be enthusiastic and really good at active things. Your energy and sense of humor can brighten up someone’s day!

If you are impulsive, then you do not think before you do or say things. You can have a very adventurous spirit and a tendency to try new things. This makes you less stubborn to try new things. People will like this quality.

Learn to love your ADHD just as I learned to love mine. It does not have to bring you down. I love my ADHD. It is the thing that makes me unique from others in a special way.

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