ADHD Awareness is Key
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#ADHDPositive and almost 50!

Sasha YoungIt was the fall of Covid 2020, having been off work for 6 months and struggling to accomplish the simplest tasks, I was at my breaking point. Wasting time watching TikTok and scrolling social media.

Then I saw it, ADHD symptoms in a quirky 30-second video. Hit the hashtag, and it’s been a journey. After some online tests, I made an appointment at my PC. At the age of 48 1/2, officially diagnosed, EVERYTHING clicked. School struggles, relationships, even staying on task for housework. In therapy, I was offered to try Strattera.

It has been a miracle. I’ve restarted college, and I’m headed into Junior year aiming for a Master in Psychology to help and advocate for individuals just like myself.

Understanding how the brain works with ADHD, what symptoms were in fact because of it, has been such a wild ride. I literally tell complete strangers, I have no fear of stigma and advocate with great vigor. I have no regret of what could have been only a positive outlook.

Sasha Young

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