ADHD Awareness is Key
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We Call it, Super Brain Power

In our home, we refer to ADHD as Super Brain Power, the ADHD mind is truly brilliant. The ADHD diagnosis came 5 years ago and it was not only a relief, but a much needed explanation as to why. ADHD is not an excuse , or even a disability, just a different ability.

ADHD has taught my family the importance of never judging others. It has taught us the importance of acceptance, patience, compassion, and tolerance.

Our journey has reminded us that we are each unique and beautifully made. We have learned the power of resilience, beating the odds, and embracing who were really are, not changing ourselves to conform to the world, rather, accepting ourselves, and adapting our world to meet our individual needs.

We each have a place and purpose. ADHD can be messy, loud, busy, and even lonely. To anyone reading this, you are not alone. You are cared about, understood, and deeply admired. You are strong and capable. Your super brain power will always be a part of you, own it and be proud!

Maxine Gregory

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