ADHD Awareness is Key
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Just cause I don’t misbehave

Growing up, none believed my mum when she got me tested for ADHD because in class I was quiet and a girl. However people seemed to overlook the fact that when there any noise, I wouldn’t work because there were too many distractions, or that once I was out the class I was like a bouncy ball.

I’ve tended to find that in situations and with people I’m more comfortable with, my hyperactivity is more noticeable because I know they don’t judge me, whereas in class I’m focusing on not being hyper rather than on my actual work.

Teachers always liked me because I was bubbly, but many wouldn’t believe I had ADHD because I wasn’t the stereotypical boy who was always in trouble.

I was the girl who just needed a bit of extra help and everything explained a lot more times than my usual peers did. Even the head of SEN at my school didn’t believe I had ADHD, so when I was diagnosed with ADHD and my results came back that I was 97% more hyperactive than my peers, it showed that I had just learned to control it.

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