ADHD Awareness is Key
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Learning to accept my ADHD

When I was diagnosed with ADHD, it was nerve racking, but a good way to explain my focus and time management skills.

It was the end of fourth grade when I received the diagnosis, but I was very insecure about it. I told one of my good friends about it, but she ended up telling the whole class. People treated me as a nobody and thought I was weird because of my brain difference.

After my 5th grade graduation, I decided to make a change in my habits, so I started 6th grade with a fresh start.

I started to think of ways to help myself focus better and become more organised with my work.

Researching about my ADHD helped me learn what caused me to do the things I did. I became more educated and hoped to make a difference in people’s views about ADHD.

At the end of 6th grade, I achieved all A’s in school and learned how to focus. I want to spread this message to all of the ADHD’ers out in this world that you have some amazing gifts to offer. Do not let anything bring you down.


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