ADHD Awareness is Key
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Losing My Shame

Sherri Duggan

For so long, I bought into the labels given me – “space-cadet,” “blonde,” “day dreamer,” “inattentive,” and “careless.” I heard the words of my father in my head, “Sherri, remember to engage your brain BEFORE…” If only it were that easy. I continually lost and misplaced things, forgot important dates, and left projects half finished and started new ones.

I have totaled at least three cars and been involved in so many other accidents I’ve lost count. Most times this was my fault.

My hateful self talk changed one day when a co worker labeled me as ADD. That is NOT me, I thought. However, when I looked up all the traits, it WAS me. I was looking at a chart that explained me.

Now, I give myself grace as well as implement coping strategies such as the timer on my phone, digital calendars, not eating, drinking or texting while driving, taking mental breaks before a long project, and visual reminder cards. I no longer call myself names. I am just me, perfectly imperfect ADD me.

Sherri Duggan

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