ADHD Awareness is Key
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Knitting for Attention

When I was younger I had trouble focusing in class. Even if I was interested I just couldn’t pay attention. Everything was too long, and had too much or not enough detail. It became more of a problem in Uni where you had to sit like an adult and not play on your phone.

After an anecdote a lecturer told about a French obstetrician knitting in births, I started to knit in class. I suddenly was able to concentrate. By keeping my hands busy my mind could focus – finally! I continued all through Uni and then took it with me into the workplace. Whenever we have education days, out comes the knitting. It’s a lifesaver.

Every now and then you get someone who isn’t familiar with my technique and they frown when they see me bring it out. By lunch they’re commenting on how amazing it is I can knit and pay attention, since I’m always asking questions/involved in discussion. I patiently explain that I have ADHD, and knitting is actually the only way I CAN pay attention. It really is a lifesaver.


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