ADHD Awareness is Key
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When I thought “normal” life-ing was hard for everyone

All my life I was “that” person- forgetful, absent-minded, aloof, annoying. I thought I could re-invent myself to be better, and at times I could, but sometimes I couldn’t. I didn’t do as well in high school or college, mostly related to my inability to do homework and poor memory recall.

I beat myself up so many times which made everything worse. Fast forward to getting married and having babies and I did all of that without even thinking I had ADHD. But then my dad died and I began therapy only to find out that my anxiety and depression were best described as ADHD co-occurring with anxiety.

The funny part is- I’m a therapist! I should’ve known. Being diagnosed at 28 was a hard pill to swallow (coincidentally ADHD medication is not a hard pill to swallow) but it helped me understand that all of my experiences were normal for me and normal for the way my brain works. It’s still difficult. I wish it wasn’t so hard some days but as long as I advocate for myself I know it will get better.


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