ADHD Awareness is Key
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I Am Not Distracted – A Poem


I’m always getting in trouble
The grownups always shout
They think it’s me who’s got it wrong
Of this they have no doubt

Ok , sure, I move a lot
But why is that so wrong
I may be hanging upside down
But I’m also following along

They like to say they couldn’t hear
If they were staring into space
And while that may be true enough
I know I’m keeping pace

Why do they insist of thinking
That my fidgeting’s the problem
When if the make me stare ahead
I just can’t understand them

Let my feet move and bounce
Allow me to get comfy
Cause if you don’t it’s not my fault
If I start getting grumpy

Your age will never trump my need
To do things in my own way
If you aren’t willing to learn and grow
Then why should I obey

Louise Wilding

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