I Am Not Distracted – A Poem


I’m always getting in trouble
The grownups always shout
They think it’s me who’s got it wrong
Of this they have no doubt

Ok , sure, I move a lot
But why is that so wrong
I may be hanging upside down
But I’m also following along

They like to say they couldn’t hear
If they were staring into space
And while that may be true enough
I know I’m keeping pace

Why do they insist of thinking
That my fidgeting’s the problem
When if the make me stare ahead
I just can’t understand them

Let my feet move and bounce
Allow me to get comfy
Cause if you don’t it’s not my fault
If I start getting grumpy

Your age will never trump my need
To do things in my own way
If you aren’t willing to learn and grow
Then why should I obey

Louise Wilding

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Living in Hope

Before my husband was diagnosed I though there was something wrong with me. I was suffering for severe anxiety living with my husband, son and daughter who all had ADHD. Through counseling for myself, my unsaid joined thinking of course he was going to help with my anxiety. In turn, the psychologist recommended he be tested and he agreed.

Now we have a better handle on things and he has identified his symptoms and acknowledged them.

That’s a big step and it has given me a different perspective in dealing with my husband and children. I now know it’s NOT on purpose and their behavior is not planned. I have done more research and it has helped decrease my anxiety and we are getting along better after 46 years. I also can deal better with my kids too. I am thankful for the diagnosis as an adult even though I cannot get back those less stressful times, I can look forward to and learned how to avoid certain situations and remain calm in others.

Winnie Earle

Read more tips from people about relationships and communication when ADHD is involved.