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One Hand Tied Behind My Back

I knew something was wrong, but what? I earned good grades. I was in sports. I was in academic clubs. I hung out with jocks, dorks, geeks, the in crowd, the out crowd. But I was scattered.

If I was busy, I was happy, and my grades went up. If I wasn’t participating in a group or sport, and I was bored, then my grades went down. College was horrible, I wasn’t good enough for college level sports, and I wasn’t outgoing enough to join clubs.

My grades sucked. I knew I was smart, but why was college so hard. I met my fiance, worked full time, and my grades shot up. I left college without a degree, but close to 5 half or more completed majors. I shuffled through jobs every 4-5 years before the challenge faded, and I lost interest. I filled time with biking and dancing, but I got injured and, at 51, lost my battle. One hand wasn’t enough anymore. I got counseling. I got diagnosed. I got meds. My hand was untied. Now, 52 I can pull myself up, focus, and move forward.

Brian C.

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