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What are the advantages and disadvantages of disclosing at work that I have ADHD?

Coming out about your ADHD may influence the judgement of your employer.But no disclosure means no adjustments and no protective rights. The main rule is that an employee or someone applying for a job is not obligated to report medical diagnoses to the employer. However, where certain personal characteristics hamper the performance of (part of) … Read more

Are there supplements that can improve ADHD symptoms?

A number of single nutrients have been tried to treat ADHD but apart from the omega 3 fatty acids, this approach has been largely unsuccessful. Research that combines minerals and vitamins at higher doses has been shown to be more powerful at managing ADHD symptoms in the long term than any single nutrients alone.

Why should I consider parent training?

Kids with ADHD benefit from direct tools and regular connection to improve their executive functioning skills. Parent training gives parents the techniques, strategies and confidence to empower their children and teens for success at home and school.

How can I best parent my ADHD child?

What kids with ADHD need most is a parent who really understands the way their brain is wired, accepts and respects them for all their complexity, believes in their strengths and possibilities, and empowers them to want to reach their full potential.