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My Journey to Understanding I Am Not Broken

ADHD in adulthood brings many challenges. My obsessive nature and tendency to procrastinate can make it difficult to manage my time effectively. Additionally, regulating my emotions and focusing on tasks can be a struggle. I find that talking through my problems and thoughts helps me to process them better. Stress and anxiety are also frequent … Read more

I was a lost soul, driving blindly in the fast lane.

My life was a foggy and fast-forwarded movie. I jumped from project to project, and person to person. I was prescribed depression and anxiety medicines, but never took them. It was chaos at home and boredom/daydreaming at school. Friends, school, chores, and career prospects were hard to manage. Impatience and boredom led me to procrastinating … Read more

My life is a mess


My life is a mess with a lot going on my mind depression and anxiety and panic attacks and PTSD and ADHD Michelle McCormack/p>

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You Should’ve Feared Me More

cartoon of woman

Avatar: The Last Airbender circulates consistently amist silent desire to watch a new show. I’ve feared my ADHD would consume my humanity. Sarah St Sauver

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Sensory Overload

strings thru a small hole

When info enters my brain, it feels like it gets scrambled. Some of it is amplified. Some minimized. Some lost. Not sure what’s important or not. Briana Quinlan

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Fun House

A peek inside my brain at all the colorful weird rabbit holes I fall into daily. My curiosity is a never ending trippy magical madness. Denise Ann

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My life has been re-invigorated

I have found that being honest about my ADHD has been the most freeing and positive part of being diagnosed. Prior to being diagnosed (at 30 years olf), I was told I shouldn’t self-diagnose, and to trust that the medical professionals know better than I do. My belief in myself, and my self advocacy has … Read more

My ADHD story

woman in striped top

In 2018 I was diagnosed with ADHD. The doctors put labels on me. They said that I wouldn’t be able to do certain things. Well, I’ve accomplished many of those labels that they stuck on me. It’s been challenging for sure but I’ve always found things to help me with tasks or whatever it would … Read more