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My Journey With ADHD and My Family

Hi, my name is Adam. I’d like to share some of my experiences mainly with school. I would also like to include advice for students, like myself. First off, I was diagnosed with ADHD (with a focus on the deficit part) at the age of maybe 10. I’m 20 now, and I still don’t quite … Read more

My ADHD is All Grown Up

2 parents with 4 children

In Middle School, I received a diagnosis of anxiety and ADHD. It was challenging, however with medication, therapy, and maturity, I aged into my ADHD gracefully and for over two decades, I managed. Last year, though, things changed. The bedrock of my stable mind shifted, and I started to feel…unsteady. Raising four children, managing life … Read more

ADHD: A Journey of Struggles and Successes

family under a tent

I am a mom of four children, all with ADHD. My youngest who is now 25 years old, prompted me to realize the need for more education and advocacy on his part. It seemed no one understood this invisible medical diagnosis. When you have a child with combined ADHD, the behaviors become the this child … Read more

Better Late Than Never

I was diagnosed with ADHD at age 46. As a child, I remember getting in trouble for talking too much, daydreaming on the soccer field, and writing poems instead of sleeping. As an adult, I let dishes pile up, forgot to pay bills, and was often late. And for a long time, everything was okay. … Read more

Mind over Matter

Some time back in an earlier organization, my team-mate Arpi telephoned me from the office while I was on a field trip and working in scorching field conditions in Central India. Arpi, utterly oblivious to my exact situation, brought Shalin from the IT department on the line for a discussion to resolve a pending operational … Read more

ADHD in Perimenopause and Menopause

Lisa Uotinen

I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 50, after having gone through 5 years of difficulty with focus and attention. I went through a period of “grief”, because I had lived so many years in turmoil without knowledge of ADHD or treatment. Now, however, I am moving to a place of hope and … Read more

Adult Diagnosis Tips

Shelly Lyons

Identified as an ADHDer at 39… “Ohhhhh, so that’s what’s been going on! What a relief…I am not a dumb Brown University graduate after all…Maybe they didn’t make a mistake admitting me… Wait a second!…You mean I went through over 30 years of really hard times when I didn’t have to? If only I had … Read more

Hiding Beneath Anxiety & Anger

crying child

I have a nail-biter. My 10-year old middle son is also the family’s Head of Health & Safety. He has always been a cautious, teetering on anxious, soul. Post-pandemic, however, his anxiety sky rocketed and school, which he’d previously enjoyed, became a struggle. He was terrified of not ‘fitting in’ and of not being ‘good … Read more

A child heard but not seen

Lucien Sorce

I’m Lucien and I work at a global software company. At my school teachers deemed my grades acceptable, along with my acceptance to a top 20 University to study chemistry; I wasn’t SEEN as a student with ADHD as it was associated with ‘naughty’ or ‘hyperactive’ students only. Instead I was labelled as lazy, disorganised … Read more