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ADHD ruined my life & saved it

My parents enrolled me in acting classes at 3 as a way of managing my ‘inability to stay still for any length of time.’ I was diagnosed with ADHD at 13; it came as no surprise to my parents. Being a performer on stage has been my mainstay; I have experienced much anguish & turbulence as a consequence of my ADHD: lots of school exclusions & loss of friendships by people who thought I was deliberately naughty.

My impulsivity’s got me into trouble & I lost my place at a famous performing arts school because of it. In spite of this condition’s downsides, there are upsides. I’m on a full time acting course at a different place now & they really ‘get me.’ There are others there who struggle with ADHD too, but we’re in a theatre all day now, not a classroom, which makes things more manageable. I have lots of energy but I am more able to control my impulses now with the help of strategies & low dose medication. I used to feel sorry for myself having ADHD but I’m so determined to succeed!

Sam Gould

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