ADHD Awareness is Key
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From outside the classroom to a life of learning!

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Hello. My name is Clare, I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 47, but the tsunami of difficulties that ADHD gifted me started at an early age. I just couldn’t focus. Or concentrate. People talked too slowly, things never happened quick enough. SO I made my own entertainment and often was sent out of class for being the class clown, or for just creating my own entertainment. Creativity. ADHD has gifted me with a lions share of creativity, I loved books and could skim read one in record time, extracting just the data I needed to pull the story together. As I got older I realised this wasn’t how books should be read and struggled to focus my eyes across every line. I managed to get decent grades, but now see how much better they would have been if I had been diagnosed and treated earlier. At 47, I started methylphenidate and suddenly I could focus like never before! Thats it in a nutshell!

Clare Knighton

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