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ADHD and Leadership

I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 25. I was working as a sales rep, then a forklift driver, then a shop assistant then I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I’d always hyper focused on creating 3D art as a hobby and one day after being fired from a job, I begged my wife to let me explore that route.

After 6 months I’d gotten my name out there as a game developer and managed to get a job in the industry, within 5 years I’d climbed from a Junior Environment Artist to a Lead Environment artist overseeing innovative and new games that are well received across the world. Part of my job is to lead a group of artists in creating a realistic world that can be explored. I also took a sidestep and taught Game development at a university before the pandemic. Now I’m still a Lead artist working on some exciting projects. What makes me proud of this achievement is I didn’t finish Primary or secondary school. I’ve now also been published on an academic book I was asked to write.

Henry Kelly

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