ADHD Awareness is Key
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zig zag

ADHD Zig Zag never a straight stitch because on my machine there is no straight stitch and even the zig zag meanders like an erratic road plowed through the wilderness without forethought or direction or any sense of planning if you wonder why I’m always so angry or depressed or exuberant so EXAGGERATED it’s because … Read more

I wish people saw the way I do.

I was diagnosed with ADHD in about the first or second grade, I am now a Junior in high school. Throughout all of these years of schooling not once was I given any accommodations. I am on a 504 plan for my depression and anxiety but not once in that plan is anything for my … Read more

Ironic Happenings

When I was 14, I wrote a journal entry about how I think I have ADHD, but blew it off in the same sentence. Fast forward 10 years, and I’m in graduate school for psychology. Each week in psychopathology, we took turns presenting a paper about a different disorder. My week, I was presenting on … Read more

Discovering ADHD

I’m 42 years old female, a mother of 2. Last year I was diagnosed with adult ADHD. I burned-out at my new work place and also a mess at home. Long story short, a good friend that studied Psychology that had known me for many years, informed me that all my symptoms sounds like ADHD. … Read more

My Galaxy Brain’s Destiny

ADHD has shaped my life and has helped me build a successful business. Way back in 2012, I woke up one morning bored; I was bored of my office job and frustrated by the lack of control I had over my own life. That afternoon – irritated and yet strangely enthused – I set up … Read more

ADHD: Vibrance and Acceptance

It has been years now, but even after so much time it feels like I’m still coming to terms with my diagnosis. For most of my life, I put off ADHD I didn’t want to acknowledge it but after finding other people’s stories on social media I realized how much it actually affected me. Everything … Read more

My Gift of Silence

I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD combined for just over a year. I’m nearly 32 years old and, admittedly, it’s difficult for me to socialise and communicate with people, even my family. If I need to reach out and talk about something important, then I like to write a letter to someone. It’s easier for me … Read more

Fear of talking especially groups

I have really bad ADHD and in my family my brothers were smart and bullish, when I talked And screwed it up. They would cut ME OFF and I would screw up more and developed a fear of talking especially in groups. I wasn’t aware that my adhd was such a big problem until I … Read more

My Journey to Understanding I Am Not Broken

ADHD in adulthood brings many challenges. My obsessive nature and tendency to procrastinate can make it difficult to manage my time effectively. Additionally, regulating my emotions and focusing on tasks can be a struggle. I find that talking through my problems and thoughts helps me to process them better. Stress and anxiety are also frequent … Read more