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Don’t give up!

I am the mom of two adult children with ADHD who were not diagnosed until high school. Both were good students in elementary school, but started having trouble in middle school or high school when there was a gap between what the school was requiring and what they could do naturally. Between the two of … Read more

Essere Genitori (Parenthood)

English translation La difficoltà di gestione di un figlio ADHD inizia nel momento in cui apre gli occhi e non sempre finisce termina quando si addormentata, visto che mio figlio si sveglia anche la notte. Noi come genitori cerchiamo sempre di mettere in conto che hanno necessità di tanta pazienza ed energie, ma spesso dopo … Read more

Diagnosed Late With Adult ADD

Diagnosed in early 40’s. This after years of struggling to understand why I struggled when others seem to cruise thru. Long story short. I am now 57 and really its a wonder I am alive. When I was kid they didn’t know about ADD. I struggled thru school (managed to graduate college) but not knowing … Read more

My son. The ADHD silly goose.

My son, Jacob is a 9 year old handful. My little bug. He was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 4 years old. All I could think of is “finally I can get the help I need to help my baby succeed.” We have gone through one on one therapies and we see a psychiatrist. … Read more

Born to Stand

A child born 7 years ago in a middle class family in Pakistan with a zeal in his eyes and the sparkle to conquer the world; when went to school was unable to even read a word. His parents wanted him to be doctor or an engineer in future; but he had something different in … Read more

How Our Journey Began

I have three children. 13 year old daughter (Trinity), 11 year old son (Trey) and 6 year old daughter (Dakota). When Trinity was in 2nd grade the teacher recommended having her evaluated for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) due to her inability to stay in her seat and focus. I was one of those parents … Read more


I wrote this piece shortly after being diagnosed with ADHD with anxiety and depression. I was 28 years old and knew quite a bit of factual information about ADHD through my job as a special education teacher. I learned that there was so much more to ADHD that I never understood until after I was … Read more

ADHD Myth Busting

Myth: ADHD is only present in children. Fact: Many people do not even receive a diagnosis until they reach adulthood. I am one of those people. I flew under the radar. In preschool, I was what you would call “hyperactive.” I was always on the go! As I got a little older, I learned that … Read more

Being Patient

My 10 year old son was diagnosed with Severe ADD/ADHD. Without the knowledge that I know now about ADD/ADHD I would not have understood my son. Before the diagnosis my son appeared lost all the time and forgetful about everything. He wouldn’t remember if he used shampoo in the shower or brushed his teeth. My … Read more

The Power of an Adult ADHD Diagnosis

After a decade of advocating for my child with ADHD, I started relating and empathizing more and more. It took one simple comment from my own mother for the light bulb to go off in my head. “You’ve always thrived on chaos.” Those 5 words were the “key” to unlocking my own struggles, by prompting … Read more