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Teachers brushed off my concerns…

Throughout middle school, I had several conferences with teachers regarding my daughter’s inability to complete work and homework. Teachers brushed off my concerns. My daughter was always placed in a desk at the front of the class because she would talk to others, but still teachers did not see this as a problem. In high … Read more

ADHD is real and valid…

ADHD is real and valid. The sooner we recognize the patterns and learn to work with these kids, the better assured we will be that they as adults with be healthy members of society. Teachers and education administrators need to be the strongest advocates of early intervention and support. Unfortunately, many of them deny the … Read more

My child wants to do well…

To the Public HS Administrators and Teachers: My child is not lazy! My child is smart and loves to learn, but my child does learn differently. My child wants to do well, but needs support from qualified teachers that understand learning differences. My child does not have the skills that you think he/she should have … Read more

It’s magic and fire all rolled into one…

It’s magic and fire all rolled into one. My son is bright and energetic yet easily frustrated and distracted. It is a constant battle to help him, to get help from others, because so many are ignorant on the issue and think ADHD doesn’t exist. I accept my son as he is and think his … Read more

People with ADHD have amazing gifts to offer…

I would like for people to know that there is a whole segment of the population out there with ADHD who have amazing gifts to offer. They have stories to tell, help to give, jobs to do, people to love, lives to be lived. Without acknowledgement and acceptance of their ADHD by themselves and others, … Read more